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Military - Municipal - Recreational

The Explorer Boats  - manned and unmanned boats from 13' to 30' utilizing unique and intellectual properties as we develop our own hydrofoil, hull, and airfoil (WIG-wing-in-ground-effect) technologies . Our Principal Research Scientist Brant Savander, Ph.D., P.E. says that once we get our first boat in the water the military will be throwing money at it.

Design Goals as of 03/20/2020

The Explorer has been designed based on my experiences gained from taking long extended trips on personal watercraft for over past fifteen years (350 to 500-mile runs). Also, from contemplating on what is needed to comfortably support 2 persons on extended stays on a small watercraft, protect themselves from the elements, and being able to travel over the tops of the waves, eliminating the hopeless fight with waves.

Summary of Design

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