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Are you tired of the stress of managing your own property?  Are you unhappy with your current property management company? Let Harbour Realty show you what good management can do for you!

Our mission is simple: to protect our client’s assets by providing proactive, hands-on property management services.  To this end, we implement sophisticated management techniques to keep our owners expenses low and their rental income high. We have been real estate investors ourselves for over 25 years and we take pride in what we do, our property manager has managed thousands of units during his real estate career.  We value each and every one of our clients and strive to protect and enhance the quality of the rental properties we manage, and the lives of the people we work with.


Kim Hain is also part of our management team, Kim & John have a 20+ year

working relationship, Kim has held the prestigious Certified Property Manager

(CPM) designation since 1987 and has vast experience managing multi-family

properties, Office Buildings, Small Commercial, and single-family properties.


Making real estate assets perform like they were our own: Equity Harbour Realty is a company dedicated to serving real estate investors. Those we serve include:

  • Single Rental /Owner / Investor

  • Multi-Family Investors

  • Homeowner Associations / Condominium Associations

  • Mobile Home Park Owner/ Investors

  • Hospitality (Resort, Hotels, Restaurants, Motels)

  • Homeowners / Families 

  • Vacant Landowners


In 1990 we started as a real estate developer; we have developed, managed, leased, sold, and closed hundreds of properties that we have owned ourselves. We look forward to helping you solve your current real estate challenges. From Property Management, to Sales & Leasing, Development, Building, or Asset Protection Attorneys, our professionals have the experience and expertise to serve your real estate investment needs. For years our professionals have been busy helping hundreds of investors, homeowners, and team members realize financial goals, thereby enhancing their quality of life.


Management Expertise is a critical factor to increasing the value of your real estate investment. Today, proper management is not a luxury…it is a necessity. Perhaps the greatest area of value in our service is taking care of rental problems promptly and professionally, before they become even more costly and troublesome.  By putting your property in the hands of a qualified professional, you receive the proven ability, experience and up-to-date skills necessary to truly succeed.






Full Service As your full-service property manager, we provide these services.


Advertising of Rental Properties

  • We offer extensive advertising and marketing campaign to lease your property in the shortest possible time.

  • We personally show all properties and handle all tenant inquires.

  • We take advantage of networking and marketing links using the Internet.

  • We subscribe to national networks that refer clients

  • Our properties are made known to relocation companies, and large corporations


Management Fees Our management fees are very competitive and are structured towards helping our clients net more money from their investments.

Single Family – From 8% to 10%

Multi-Family – From 6% to 8%

            Leasing Fees

            Single Family – From 80% to 100%

            Just Marketing – 50%

            Marketing & Leasing 80%

            Multi-Family – From 50% or a $300.00 min.


Complete Accounting Capabilities

  • Monthly cash flow statements

  • Year end 1099 tax statement

  • Copies of all invoices


Rental Income Control

  • Market analysis for optimum rental rates

  • Advanced collection of rent and deposit

  • Effective rent collection procedures


 Comprehensive Tenant Screening

  • Thorough application process

  • Tenant history confirmation

  • Credit bureau screening /grading


 Quality Maintenance Program

  • 24/7 availability to tenants for maintenance

needs by professional

  • Cost-effective competitive bidding

  • Quality control with manager follow-up

  • Multiple vendor base per maintenance/repair


  • Conscious preventive maintenance awareness

  • Workers comp & liability policies on file from



Property Inspections

  • Inspections at tenant turnover

  • Annual walk through inspection

  • Quarterly drive-by's


Hospitality Management

Our management services will allow investors/owners to realize efficiency gains by having our specialists be responsible for the various components of their investments. Specifically, our efforts are concentrated on helping investors/owners maximize their returns on their investments.


Common responsibilities of a typical management contract will include:


  • Managing all of the hotel’s departments such as: maintenance, front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, sales, etc.

  • Recruiting, employing, training, supervising, and terminating employees

  • Establishing prices and terms for services

  • Arranging and providing for public relations, advertising, and marketing

  • Planning, purchasing, and supervising capital expenditures (e.g. furniture, fixtures, and equipment)

  • Preparing monthly and annual financial statements and daily reports for the owner

  • Purchasing supplies and entering into contracts and making payments for those services

  • Operating the hotel in accordance with the approved annual budget and the terms of the management agreement

  • Adhering to service and product standards required by any affiliation or brand


 Homeowner / Condominium Associations

  • Is your association taking care of business?

  • Is your association ready for???

  • Is your association properly funded for future improvements?


Multi-family Investors

  • Is your property-moving foreword? Or slowly sliding backward?

  • Every property has an ever-changing personality; it is either…


 Single Family Homes

  • Collecting rent is not managing your property

  • Stabilize / improve the value of your home

  • Properly maintaining your property

  • Accurate / timely accounting of your Money? Funds? And Rental Income?


While Every Property is Unique

Each depends on these key elements.

  • The Property: a parcel of property with marketable potential.

  • The Investors: Individuals committing money to gain profit.

  • The Management Team: The team of individuals taking the steps necessary to assure the continued growth and success of each property. The key to our success is our hand-selected team of experienced, proven professionals.

  • Managing properties can be complex. The team at Equity Harbour coordinates the many aspects of property management to make sure each property proceeds smoothly and profitably.


We are here to help you reach your goals

We too have been real estate investors for the past 25 years, so we know first hand of the need for properties to perform.

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