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Urban Development Opportunity

Downtown Grand Rapids - Up to 16 story, Hotel/Restaurant/bar/Condos/Luxury Rentals  

 WEST SIDE Corridor Highway Exposure and Development project with a concept plan for hotel, retail, office and multifamily Property for sale with or with out these plans Zoned for 10 floor plus 6 bonus floors The parcels are zoned TN-CC and located in the Downtown Height Overlay District - 1 (DH_1) which requires a minimum (new) building height of 2 stories, a maximum height of 10 stories and a maximum height of 16 stories with bonuses (see Section 5.8.02.f). 21,000 sq feet of Highway Exposure, Downtown Commercial Property site: approved for hotel with out parking needed but see this design with parking included information: 10 story on this design 120-160 rooms 3.25 Retail spaces/1000 square feet Multi family 2 unit and more.

40+ mm investment opportunity

Concept Rendering .jpg
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