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We offer different programs to help home-owners obtain different goals.

  • Our "FSBO" Program" - we offer up to 10 homeowners per month the opportunity to receive free of any obligation the some of the same tools and services that we use while we are listing homes for sale like, Purchase Agreements, Sellers Disclosures, Lead Base Paint Disclosures, Current and Sold Comps, our contact at our Preferred lender, our contact at our Preferred Title Company, and endless support helping execute documents and answering questions.

  • Our "List at 1.5% when Buying and Selling" - this program is designed to help protect the equity in your existing home by lowering the cost of the sale. We charge a 1.5% listing fee and offer other brokers 3% to bring ready, willing, and able buyers to the table. This program also charges $295 per transaction-side as an admin fee.

  • Our "Personal Loan Program" - If approved to use, we will fund this  program by directing dollars that would of been paid in commissions to us from the sale of your existing home, and the commissions paid to us from the purchase of your new home to fund a personal loan. Example - you are selling a home for $185,000 and purchasing a home for $250,000. Based on the current market we could offer a $13,000 dollar personal loan that could be used towards your down-payment to eliminate PMI Insurance, improvements to the property, or consolidate other debts. This program charges $395 per transaction-side as an admin fee. (2nd mortgage terms are 15 years, 8.99%, with no prepayment penalty)

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