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An Agents Worth?

In an era where Google is a verb and Twitter a world-recognized noun, the Internet is everyone’s go-to for practically any need. However, some things will always require the human touch, and best when based on many years of real-life experiences. Real estate transactions are best managed when capable professionals navigate clients through the intricacies of a transaction with attention to detail and care.


For Buyers, 

An Equity Harbour Agent will:

  • Be available to discuss what investment property is best suited to your financial goals.

  • Answer questions and keep you informed about relevant market updates.

  • Review the benefits of different properties to eliminate those that don’t fit your requirements and highlight those that do.

  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of paying cash oleveraging your investment dollars with bank financing. See ROI Caculations Page under Brokerage Page.

For Sellers,

An Equity Harbour agent is ready to offer professional full service at competitive rates taking you step-by-step through the selling process.

  •  Answer questions and keep you informed about relevant market updates.

  • Conduct a comparable sales assessment to help give you a clearer 

        understanding of local pricing trends as you set the price for your home.

  • Implement a marketing plan specific to the property and its benefits.

  • Share details about your home through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Negotiate a fair price for all parties with expediency and as little hassle as possible.

  • Advise on inspections and repairs if needed.

  • Review Closing Documents.

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