Big Bad Wolf Concrete Homes

As the middle class in America keeps shrinking an affordable home may be the only chance many families have of buying a home that appreciates in value instead of renting or buying a titled trailer that depreciates in value.  Our communities use the most cost-effective methods of building single family homes along with offering a 15% down payment 2nd mortgage program to its clients to help them purchase a new home in our communities lowering their monthly expenses by eliminating the need for PMI insurance.


This unique business model also creates a 30-year income stream from developing raw land into desirable home sites while building and selling homes to our clients. We provide land development, construction management, and brokerage services all in-house. Our underlying investors will be paid in full (including participation) when each home is sold and closed. Only earnings above and beyond participation will be delayed so that we can offer our 15% - 2nd mortgage program to clients as a subordinate purchase money mortgage.


Each client that utilizes the 2nd mortgage program will be required to have 5% down of their own funds to qualify for our 2nd mortgage program and will have a monthly payment.

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